PEO-SC hosted by Ryerson Engineering! This year the conference’s theme is Motivate, Innovate, and Integrate. RyEng is excited to bring you a successful day of engaging workshops.


PEO–SC is aimed at helping you achieve a better understanding of career goals, and the benefits of obtaining your P.Eng. 

Motivation, Innovation, and Integration

As an engineering graduate, it is keen to be motivated, to be innovative in the field and to integrate your different skills to the role. This will be the theme for PEO–SC this year.

What is PEO-SC?

PEO-SC is a conference aimed at 4th year Engineering students to get a better understanding of the life after graduation. PEO – SC aims to enable students to learn from industry professionals and for students to understand the benefits of achieving a P.Eng. Ryerson Engineering is excited to host PEO – SC this year and we are looking to host a fun and interactive conference!


Where is the conference being held?

The conference is being held at Ryerson University!

What are the dates for the conference?

The conference starts Friday November 3rd and ends Sunday November 5th

What are the socials like?

We will be aiming to provide unique socials to help the delegates network and and create new bonds with students from across the province

Where to buy tickets

Tickets are purchased through eventbrite:

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